Search Tips

Author: Use first and last names for author searches. If the author’s first name is unknown, enter only the last name. If only an initialized first name is known, entering the initials with periods (for example A.B. rather than A B or AB) is recommended to minimize extraneous results.

Title: This search option should only be used if the document’s full title is known. It is not intended as a key word search. If a document title is entered incorrectly, is misspelled or is missing words, the title search function may not yield results.

Publication: As with the title search, enter the full title of the publishing journal or organization. Partial publication names may be recognized, but may also produce extraneous results, so enter as accurately and completely as possible. If a document is published by a federal or state agency, or a non-governmental organization, the organization or agency’s name should be entered in this field.