Additional administrative recommendations

Establish state-level R&R oversight groups. Ideally, these groups would include a broad cross-section of agency staff in addition to non-agency staff. Additional program development is also needed for mentoring programs and programs to attract non-traditional participants.

Develop line-items within agency/organization budgets to specifically address R&R efforts. These budgets should be tracked and R&R programs should be evaluated against budget expenditures as measures of their successes.

Pose specific questions to program sponsors regarding the goals, objectives, program planning processes, and means of evaluation as part of the process to determine whether to sign-on as a partner or participant.

Improve integration and coordination between hunter and angler R&R programs. Examination of license sales data has shown that there is considerable participation overlap between these two groups. This recommendation is not limited to state agencies. Improving integration between the two participant groups may present opportunities to expand the reach of the hunting NGO community as well.

Continue to develop the Strategic Plan. An element of this plan should be the creation of a national Web site where details regarding specific programs can be posted and shared.