Goals and objectives

While developing clearly articulated goals and objectives is not easy, it appears to be a critical near-term step in addressing long-term hunting license sales decline.

Applying a more targeted approach to these various program-types logically leads to an examination of the planning process used to develop these program-types. The NSSF's Best Practices Workbook for Hunting and Shooting Recruitment and Retention is an excellent resource for developing a more targeted approach to achieve specific goals.

In addition, it appears that little focused effort is being devoted to retention programs. In the earlier discussion it was noted that hunter retention was the primary purpose of only 6% of state program-types and 7% of NGO program–types. Many strategists working in this area believe that efforts aimed specifically at retaining existing hunters are critical to stem the near-term loss of licensed hunters that serve to fund agency programs and mentor the next generation of hunters.