Importance of program manuals

It is recommended (by the authors and others) that specific programs be developed that target the inherent difficulties that each of these issues (recruitment and retention of hunters) have in order to successfully overcome them. Clear thinking about the nature of the problems that are faced is a vital precursor to successful solutions.

1=Expected date of completion of March 2009.

Overall, approximately 25% of the state program-types and 36% of the NGO program-types were guided by program manuals. Of the 313 state program-types that submitted information, eighty had program manuals and another five were in the process of creating manuals. Of the 102 NGO program-types that submitted information, thirty-seven had program manuals and another was in the process of creating a manual. The tables found on this page contain details on the frequency of state (within AFWA region) and NGO program manuals by program-type. Several states and NGOs are notable in their development of program manuals, in particular Missouri (8 manuals), Texas (7), and Arizona (7); and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (8 manuals) and National Rifle Association (7).