Programmatic findings summary

It should be noted that many of these program–types involve multiple partners so the realized total of program–types is less than the aggregate total of unique partners. State wildlife agencies reported having 247 partners, and NGOs reported having 848 partners, in aggregate, for these program types. Many of these are duplicate partners, but all are involved in some manner and add to the cumulative activity level. In addition, many of these programs have multiple-events associated with the program, so the cumulative activity appears to be even more substantial. Details and programmatic summaries by AFWA region where applicable are presented in the tables on this page.

In view of the substantial number of nation-wide R&R programs and the considerable effort they represent, it is sobering to consider that hunting license sales continue to decline. This conclusion points to a continuing need to better understand what efforts the general hunting community is making to halt the decline in participation and how well those effort are working. This continuing need extends well beyond the scope of this assessment.